11 thoughts on “Too Old For Medical School?

  1. I’m a 60 something student doing my PhD in psychology. It’s so worth it! Love this post. I say, go for it *S*

  2. This is amazing! I am contemplating at the moment and the desire is getting stronger and stronger by the day. Look forward to reading more of your log.

  3. Hi!! I just found your blog! I’m 33 and just started 1st year med school. 🙂 All I say is “Good for us!!” It is never too late to make your dreams come true!

  4. I am on the wrong side of 30 and I have started to prep for medical school (well, residency) again… in another country. Glad to have stumbled across your blog! Gives me hope that I am not the only one traveling this difficult, long and lonely road!

  5. I received an offer to study medicine at the age of 33 (with a foundation year), at Durham University following my interview but it was conditional on my UKCAT score. Unfortunately I didn’t meet the condition (by a relatively small margin). Though I was initially rather deflated after losing my place I know deep down that medicine is what I should be pursuing and I’ve given myself another year to try again, boosted by the conditional offer and, I should add, your blog which has been hugely motivating. Thank you, and wishing you well in your first FY1 placement.

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