Blogs & Links I Like

Articles about Mature / Non-Traditional Applicants
Becoming a Doctor at Age 45
Doctor, 100, still working after delivering 18,000 babies
92 year old surgeon
61-year old graduates medical school
49 year old medical student to graduate from University of Calgary
Never Too Late to Become a Doctor
Nontraditional Medical Student (U.S.)
Equality and Diversity in Medical Schools

Blogs I Follow
Don’t Curse the Nurse
The Urban Dr. Mom
Doctor or Bust
Surgery at Tiffany’s
Behind The White Coat
40 year old Medical Student
MomMD – Being >40 in medical school
my first patient
Another Student Doctor
Ever-changing science, life-changing experience.
Off-White Coat
Scrubs and Pubs
Training Grounds
Wandering Medic

Revision and Exam Practice
Anki – Free Digital Flashcard software/app for study and revision
OnExamination – BMJ Learning – exam practice
Passmedicine –  practice questions & revision
Pastest – practice questions & revision

Useful Resources
Simple Medic – useful tips for medical students and junior docs – has a “Patient Plus” section for healthcare professionals
GP Notebook – clinical medicine focusing on general practice
Visible Body – Anatomy Learning Tool
Biodigital Human – Free Online Anatomy Learning Tool

More Links
Atul Gawande – surgeon, writer, and public health researcher
BBC Health
Considering Medicine?

Student BMJ
TED Talks – Ideas Worth Spreading
NHS Health News
Time Healthland

UK Forums on Getting Into Medical School
New Media Medicine
The Student Room (links directly to medicine forums)


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