Scrub Nurse Angel

Surgical_gloves_19Observed a prostate biopsy today. After the patient was wheeled in from anaesthesia, the consultant told his surgical registrars to do a digital rectal examination on the patient to feel the prostate’s size and its nodules.

An orderly queue formed at the foot of the table, index fingers held up as though testing wind direction. He then motioned to me that I should also become familiar with what a prostate with pathology felt like.

Accepting the fate of my finger, I donned the gloves and joined the line. I shuffled forward to take my turn and just as I reached the patient, someone shouted that the patient had not yet been ‘taped’. I stepped aside to avoid the scrub nurse as she sprang into action, taping certain appendages out of the way and then immediately afterwards the surgeon moved in to start the procedure. I was saved – thank you scrub nurse!


7 thoughts on “Scrub Nurse Angel

  1. Lucky the patient was under anaesthesia already – can’t help but think it would be rather uncomfortable to have a rectal examination repeatedly…

    1. The last two commenters brought up great points – thanks for raising them. I’m sure informed consent and putting patients first, comes straight to mind especially for those in healthcare related fields.

      I should explain that in a similar way to other bloggers, details and timings of my posts have been changed to protect identities and make a situation easier to visualise or understand. The ‘queue’ was actually a registrar (although others were in theatre) and the consultant himself. So I must make amends for depicting a long queue in an attempt to add humour to the scene, when it isn’t a funny situation at all especially for the patient.

      The end result is that I’m glad I didn’t need to perform any examination and a lesson learned. It makes me feel even more that I was saved by the scrub nurse.

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