Results Day

I passed my first year exams! Just goes to show my poor old brain is still coping with all the new information I’m jamming into it. I hope it holds out for a good while longer!

When someone mentioned that the results were up, everyone scrambled for their phones and iPads to find out. We receive our results online via a “candidate number” and it’s a huge contrast to when I did my first degree where the exam results were posted next to your name on a noticeboard and how well you did (or didn’t do) was visible to all.

Apparently medics are especially competitive but I think it’s only natural to compare oneself with one’s counterparts. Along with our score we get to know our percentile and although I’ve gone down slightly in the class rank since our last exam, I’m still in the top half of the class. Some members of my tutor group didn’t pass, but should hopefully be OK depending on their in-course assessment scores. Others didn’t do any work but still managed good scores – how do they do that? There’s always a group of geniuses who get high scores so easily isn’t there? One classmate was in the top 1% of the class but she worked really hard so well done to her!

I’ve got to work harder and more efficiently I guess…


One thought on “Results Day

  1. I’ve been digging up some posts about studying, and have landed upon a couple of posts about med school students. I really enjoyed reading about your story of making sacrifices to aim to become a doctor. My blog is about 3 people who were complete underperforming students who have made a drastic switch to become hard-working students. Some of our results have already come in and we just started the blog. One of our students is named David, and his goal is to apply to med school in a couple of years. perhaps you can drop by and give us some words of wisdom, in particular for David. I feel he can benefit a lot from your inside experience on how to study or how much workload you have been facing. Our blog is at or Please do drop by =) and I hope you make some more posts about how you balance your schedule!

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