Bye-Bye Christmas & Hello Revision

Did I say in my last post that we had exams? Well we’ve had another one since then, plus we’ve got a big one straight after the winter break. That is just plain cruel of the medical school. Whatever happened to Christmas and having a rest? So that’s what I’ll be doing over Christmas. On the other hand, it’s a huge privilege to study medicine so I mustn’t grumble…

The digital flashcard program I mentioned is turning out to be productive. It takes time to create each card but only a little more than I’d need to read and understand the material and I consider that time also as study and revision. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that the topics which I’ve created flashcards for are also the ones I feel I understand the most. So a thumbs up so far.

Recently I bought the Gray’s Anatomy Flashcards. They cost about £22.00 (~US$35) with my NUS (student) discount card (!) and there are more cards than I thought there would be. They’re split into sections e.g. Thorax, Abdomen…etc and they include a big ring for threading through the hole in the corner of the cards which you want to carry about. So I get them out of my coat pocket whenever there are a few minutes to spare. They’re just the right size for the rush hour commute when we are squashed like sardines in a tin, people looking over my shoulder, they too finding themselves learning about indirect inguinal hernias…


2 thoughts on “Bye-Bye Christmas & Hello Revision

  1. You’ve probably taken that anatomy exam by now, but I wanted to say best of luck! I hated anatomy, but it makes so much more sense now in clinic. Here in the States we use Netter’s Atlas rather than Gray’s, but those flashcards look fantastic. I’m jealous!

    1. Hi Scrivener. Thanks for the comment and good luck wishes. We got the results back recently and I passed. Phew! The exam was on a variety of topics that we’ve been learning so far but I actually really like anatomy which is making me think about future career options. My classmate has got the Netter’s flashcards so that we can swap resources.

      From your cool blog it sounds like medical training in the U.S. is a great experience. I’m still unfamilar with all the terms but it’s going to be a while before I can really make a decent comparison!

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