Medical School Exams / How to Learn & Remember?

We’ve only been in medical school for just over a month and already we’ve had our first exam. I was a bit worried about it – (a healthy kind of worry I have to add, as I’d never get anything done otherwise) which is the reason for my absence here. Anyway we  received the results online via our candidate numbers and by gosh – I passed! Phew – another cup of tea now please.

I scored in the top 35% percentile of the year group. I suppose it’s not bad but many scored close to 100% so if you think you were clever before coming to med school then think again! I know that becoming a good doctor is not only about passing exams which is a kind of consolation.

Which one(s) shall I overload my backpack with today?

Only half way through the first term and my lever arch file is full, as is my bookshelf. If I ever need to return them to the library all at once I’d need a truck.

Currently looking at ways to learn the mammoth amount of material before the next set of exams. Some of my classmates are using computer based flashcards and I’m impressed by what they know and remember especially in anatomy – so I’m going to give it a try. Wish me luck!


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