Induction & Freshers Week

My NUS Card!

At freshers fayre I made the classic mistake of joining every club and society going and believe me there are many, almost anything imaginable. I felt guilty about receiving all manner of freebies, so the least I could do was handover my email address in return for USB drives, medical books & dictionaries, bags, lanyards, pens and chocolates galore.

I’m positive however that I didn’t sign up for the “Harry Potter Society.” Maybe the clubs and societies trade email addresses with each other or maybe they acquired my email by magic? Anyway I’m still getting emails from ‘Dumbledore’ and I’m suspecting a few admissions to A&E (ER) from faces smashing into platform 9 and 3/4.

Enrolling was pretty painless and I’m now a proud owner of an ID card which has my name, my photo and the words “medical student” written underneath – physical proof! I’ve also received an NUS card which entitles the holder to student discount at lots of shops – brilliant!

The head of school gave a talk about “Professionalism” and how we all have to be more responsible than other students so the less said about the Freshers Week antics, the better…


2 thoughts on “Induction & Freshers Week

  1. You are very inspiring. I’m a little younger than you, but I made some questionable choices, and now I’m considering starting again, maybe with med school. Who knows.
    By the way, could I borrow your NUS card number? We don’t have it here.

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